How to Save Thousands When Selling Your Home

If you are planning to sell your home in 2017 you may be concerned about Brexit and the fallout from the General Election, but experts believe these storms to be short term and the property market will recover. TV Property expert Sarah Beeny owns an estate agency herself and she seems to be relaxed about the impact of recent events and believes things will get back to normal pretty soon, “Despite high profile elections in each of the past two summers, the housing market has remained resilient which is testament to the population’s desire to move home and not be put off by uncertainty.” There are still first time buyers looking to get onto the property market as well as the usual people who need to move home due to divorce, bereavement or displacement.

Moving home is expensive and there’s no getting away from it. Buy you can save literally thousands of pounds by following some of the advice below. We’re experts in the field of selling homes so know a thing or two!

Shop around for the right estate agent

We all know the big players in the field but size doesn’t equal great customer service or local knowledge. Some estate agents may look cheaper but don’t include extras like floor plans, for sale boards or photography and so you end up having to pay for all these on top of the basic fee. Shop around for an estate agent who has fixed fee packages where you know the cost at the outset without any quibbles. There are also packages available to pay later once you’ve secured that sale thereby relieving the financial pressures until after you’ve sold.

Don’t go overboard on redecoration

Only paint what looks really scruffy and neutralise any colours which are not to everyone’s taste. In the bathroom, regrouting can freshen up the tiling, adding a new loo seat too can upgrade the bathroom. Painting the front door, removing all pet smells and having a really deep clean can have a big effect on first impressions. Redecoration can cost a lot but a few key changes can do wonders if you know what to do. Ask your estate agent for help. Any agent worth their salt will want to assist.

Price your home competitively

The quicker you sell your home, the better. You may think your house is worth so much, but by pricing competitively you’ll get more people viewing and more chance to close the deal fast which will save you money. Don’t rely on online estimates, get a local estate agent to come and value your house based on their local knowledge so that you get a fair evaluation. They will help advise you on the best price to market your home.

Don’t sell without an estate agent

You may think that you can save thousands by not using an estate agent and you’ve heard anecdotes of people who have done so. But beware, there are many reasons why this is a bad idea:

  • Estate agents have a larger network of buyers than you. Yes you can list on certain websites, but to list on Rightmove – which over 50% of the public use when buying a new home – you must use an estate agent.
  • Selling your home is time-consuming and if you work full-time you will neglect either your job or selling your home.
  • Negotiating a sale is tricky and requires expertise.
  • You can’t keep your emotions out of the viewings or sale like an estate agent can.
  • You can’t see what is wrong with your house like others can and so might never get to the point of getting an offer.

Key take away

Selling your home is a stressful and can be costly but using a good local estate agency and listening to their advice will save you money in the end.

Paul Costello is the owner of Upload Abode- an online estate agency based in Motherwell, Scotland.

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Free Market Appraisal

Thinking of selling your property?

Over 90% of new home searches start online. Take the first step to selling your home by filling out the form below!