5 tips to sell your home fast with Paul at Upload Abode

Upload Abode is an online Estate Agent covering Central Scotland, we specialise in selling homes fast and for a great price, below are my top 5 tips to help you achieve the same.

1. Give your home a show home makeover

You have one opportunity to grab people’s attention so make sure you do it in the right way! With over 92% of all enquiries now starting online, it is super important that your home stands out. The first step is to declutter, this will mean something different to everyone. To do this we recommend clearing all surfaces especially your kitchen work top, minimalise ornaments throughout the house and generally tidy everywhere. For your pictures, open your curtains and blind, turn on all lights and make sure the house is the cleanest you have seen it since you moved in yourself.

2. Get your friends involved

In the UK over 43 million people now use Facebook, and for somebody selling their home, it is the modern day word of mouth. Gone are the days of you meeting a friend, phoning or texting them to tell them you are selling your house. Now one simple post on facebook lets your full social circle know, use this to your benefit. Pick an Estate Agent who actively promotes and advertise their homes and on Facebook and then get your friends involved. Ask them all to like and share your property, it works. In January this year, we sold a home where the customer’s initial contact and viewing of the home were through a Facebook, this is the true benefit of using a modern online estate agent.

3. Consider the condition of your home

People often don’t update their homes for years and then when they decide to sell they start looking at their home differently and thinking how it could look better. Before carrying out any DIY or big jobs,  always ask your Estate Agent if it will add value. Freshly painted white walls make a home look and feel brighter and a neutral new grey caret always photographs well.  If you are bad at DIY don’t even attempt it as a bad job can often detract from the value of the home.  Only take on jobs you are confident you can complete to a high standard and for anything else, call in the professionals. Other tips we often share with our clients are, if your bathroom looks a bit grubby you won’t always need to regrout. Firstly clean with a good mould remover spray then use grout pens, these save money and time and really improve the overall appearance of a bathroom. Make sure your windows are clean, inside and out. This is such a small thing but makes a big difference when showing potential buyers around your home.

4. Market your home at the correct price

In Scotland, all homes need a Home Report to be marketed for sale. This is carried out by a qualified surveyor and will include a mortgage valuation. The Home Report will be the main indicator of how much a property should be marketed for sale. This figure determines how much a potential buyer can get a mortgage for and ultimately how much they can bid for your home. Currently, in Lanarkshire, the majority of houses we sell are for at least the home report value and often more, flats, on the other hand, often sell for under the home report value. When marketing your home always take the advice of your Estate Agent, as a general rule of thumb we would advise pricing close to the home report in an offers over capacity.

5. Choose the right estate agent – Online Estate Agent vs Traditional?

Rather than deciding on an online estate agent or traditional estate agent, use our guide below to pick the right estate agent for you.

Check out their reviews online – If you look closely enough you will find some horror stories.  There will always be the odd bad review for any business but if you start to see a pattern, we would suggest you steer clear, or if you can’t find reviews this may mean the feedback option has been disabled for a reason.

Price – As a fixed fee online estate agent our customers know exactly what our fees are just by looking on our website. Most other estate agents aren’t as open and honest and won’t tell you their fees until they have visited your property. Traditional estate agents typically charge a marketing fee in addition to a commission of around 1% of the sale price. For a house valued at £300,000 you could end up paying as much as £3,500.  Always check for any hidden fees and if the price includes VAT.

Marketing – It’s great saving money on fees but if the estate agent you chose doesn’t market your property effectively, you could end up losing much more in the sale of your house.  Photographs are one of the most important things to consider, as well as floor plans. If an estate agent doesn’t include floor plans or use a professional photographer, we would suggest you look elsewhere. Other aspects like 3D Virtual Tours and Facebook advertising really help our homes stand out from the rest.

In the end, if all of the above seems too much just contact us and we will sell your home fast and for a great price!!!

Paul Costello is the owner of Upload Abode an Online Estate Agency based in Motherwell covering Central Scotland

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Free Market Appraisal

Thinking of selling your property?

Over 90% of new home searches start online. Take the first step to selling your home by filling out the form below!

Free Market Appraisal

Thinking of selling your property?

Over 90% of new home searches start online. Take the first step to selling your home by filling out the form below!