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Ssh…… can you keep a secret?

How to sell your home fast for a great price

At Upload Abode, we believe the best-kept secret is one shared. That’s why we want to share our secret on how to sell your home fast and for a great price.

Prepare for marketing and viewing

The key to success is to be prepared; every single opportunity that you have to showcase your house should be handled carefully. Follow these expert tips and you are guaranteed to wow potential buyers.

Partner of DM Hall Chartered Surveyors, Mark Williams advises: “Keep on top of the maintenance of your home. Be proactive and don’t just wait for the disasters. You often don’t know when you will be selling so be ahead of the game. People can make the decision that they like a property very quickly. You and your home never get a second chance to make a first impression so make sure your home has good “kerb appeal.”

It is worth creating a more neutral feel to your house, providing a blank slate that invites potential buyers to imagine themselves in this space. Lisa Clelland, photographer at Rich Pictures, says: “The best way to present a home is to make it as neutral as possible with little clutter and personal items (i.e family pictures, ornaments). The buyer can then easily imagine themselves in your house. Neutral, clean lines and symmetry can help to sell the home compared to heavily patterns and untidy areas.”

Some homes can definitely benefit from a DIY job before selling, however, our director, Paul Costello, has sage words of advice: “Before carrying out any DIY or big jobs, always ask your estate agent if it will add value. Freshly painted white walls make a home look and feel brighter and a new neutral grey carpet always photographs well. If you are bad at DIY don’t even attempt it as a bad job can often detract from the value of the home.”

Marketing your house online is key

It’s wise to spend a good amount of time researching trends in the housing market before you decide to market your property. While it has traditionally been subject to seasonal flux in the market, selling homes at any time of the year is incredibly achievable when you are marketing correctly.

Everyone knows that buyers are much more likely to search online before stepping foot into an estate agent these days, so online adverts must stand out from the crowd.

First impressions are incredibly important with online marketing and photography can literally make or break a property listing. It should come as no surprise that professionally presented photography should be the biggest weapon in your arsenal. Using a professional photographer, who knows how to accurately highlight the size or space you have to offer a buyer, is going to stand out from one taken on your smartphone.

Floor plans are also another marketing essential, with 20% of buyers admitting they actively ignore those listings without them. Being able to see the layout of the property can help encourage buyers by allowing them to feel as though the property is theirs; imagining where furniture will go or perhaps if they want to do separate building work.

Interactive 3D Virtual Tours further enhances the customer experience: these tours enable a potential buyer to view a house from the comfort of their own home, cutting down the amount of 2nd viewing requests and speeding up the sales process. It can also help reduce unnecessary visits from those who are more uncertain or just a little inquisitive.

Spruce up your finances

Financial adviser, Emily Campbell notes that once the house is in order, it’s time to dust the cobwebs off your documents.

“We always talk about spring cleaning our homes but how often do you spring clean your financial documents and make sure everything is where you want it to be? This could be simply casting your eye over your existing arrangements or making sure you are prepared and ready for your next big purchase, leading to a faster transaction.”

Find a trusted estate agent

From accurately evaluating your house to presenting it well for a quick sale, you want to be able to trust your estate agent every step of the way. At Upload Abode, we provide exemplary service at a fixed price. We will never surprise you with hidden fees and with our fantastic 16-day average sale time and five-star service, you can be sure we will sell your home like it is our own.

We not only provide great customer service but also market your home to the highest standard with a 3D virtual tour, stunning professional photography, excellently presented floor plans and an advertising platform through all the major property sites, Facebook and our own Upload Abode website.

Sound good? Get in touch today and start the process today by requesting a free market appraisal!

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    Thinking of selling your property?

    Over 90% of new home searches start online. Take the first step to selling your home by filling out the form below!

    Free Market Appraisal

    Thinking of selling your property?

    Over 90% of new home searches start online. Take the first step to selling your home by filling out the form below!